Meet the people

Luke O'Neil

Luke O'Neil has been involved in the automotive industry for over 15 years, starting his first business in 1999 to manage a small privately held track day.

Over the last 15 years Luke has brought together teams of professionals to create, manage and deliver a broad range of automotive events and services for individuals through to corporates; from helping clients buy their dream car, to designing, managing and activating national driver training programs for automotive manufacturers. Luke has an extensive list of contacts in the automotive and luxury markets, and is well respected when it comes to cars, events and driving!

LIQUI MOLY Bathurst 12 hour - Luke O'Neil



Ash De Bakker 

Ash is dedicated to becoming Australia's fastest woman - a testament to her drive and ambition considering she only began riding in late 2014.

When Ash isn't racing, she is serving her community as part of the NSW Police force. “I ride for the places it takes you and the people you meet rather than the thrill on the road. If you want thrills, do a track day.”

LIQUI MOLY Bathurst 12 hour - Ash De Bakker



While Harry's days of racing are behind him, he’s now able to spend his time maintaining his true love - his Holden FC (affectionately named Ruby).

Harry is in no rush, for him it’s all about savouring the journey. It’s about the finer details. It’s about touch, sight and sound. His Garage is his church and it’s Ruby that he worships.

LIQUI MOLY Bathurst 12 hour - Harry